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One Stop Solution.

Think of Cortez Yacht Service as a one stop solution for all of your yachting requirements. We aim to make yachting hassle free for owners and offer a single point of contact for all your vessel related requirements. Our in-house team can add value and  support to your yacht on every level.

•    Complete Yacht Management.
•    Problem Solving and Troubleshooting.
•    Supply and co-ordination of specialist contractors.
•    Services and repairs.
•    Captaining and Crewing.

Scheduled Cosmetic Maintenance.

Our scheduled Cosmetic Maintenance Plans see all you superficial cleaning and detailing requirements projected over a 6-12 month period. At Cortez Yacht Service, we have specialist trained staff.


Our structured team of interior detailers, exterior cosmetics crew will ensure your vessel presents to the highest possible standard week-to-week.

Major Detailing & Vessel Overhaul.


Vessel overhaul is an area of business we pride ourselves on. Whether you have imported a new yacht, left your existing yacht unattended for a long period of time or would like the exterior cosmetics of the vessel overhauled.

Cortez Yacht Service has experience Supply and co-ordination of specialist contractors, we know how to get the job done.

Bottom Clean.


Carlos and Claudio, both are experienced divers on bottom clean, zincs replacement and all kind of reparations underwater.

Experience allows them to identify problems in advance that can be avoided such as electrolysis, corrosion, hull problems, etc.

Boat & Yacht Waxing and Compounding.

Boat compounding and waxing is another one of our specialties. While competitors worry about one/two/three-step waxing services, our boat detailers focus on making boats look beautiful, thus putting a smile on your face.


Whether you need a quick-wash or a full exterior detailing service, our team is equipped with the best quality wax and compounding compounding products, ready for any type of job: cleaner wax, oxidation removal, gel-coating, and more.

Bottom Painting.​

At Cortez Yacht Service, we will clean and coat your hull with antifouling paint, making it safe, fast and efficient. This is critical for boat performance and reducing fuel costs.

The maintenance task of bottom painting should be done yearly or every other year, depending on the strength of the paint used. 

We works with the best shipyards in the City.


Boat & Yacht Refit Supervision.

Let Cortez Yacht Service co-ordinate your next Refit. From start to finish, we offer a complete service in every aspect of modification, upgrades and design.

Our experienced staff will put you in front of the best Shipwrights, shipyards, Marine Electricians, Engineers and specialist contractors in the industry. Our experience, knowledge and relationships with these key players will ensure an enjoyable experience when upgrading your yacht.  

  • Estimates.

  • Planning & Organising.

  • Travel Lift Booking.

  • Independent Surveys.

  • Hiring and Supervision of Contractors.

  • Regular Reporting.

  • Controlled Invoicing.

Fuel Polishing.
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