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Carlos & Claudio

Carlos and Claudio are two great brothers who share the passion for the sea. Originally from La Paz, they grew up among the docks of the marinas and shipyards. Following the footsteps of their father, both brothers have dedicated a large part of their lives to the maintenance of boats and sailboats. Carlos and Claudio stand out for their honesty, integrity and trust.

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Carlos Solis.
General Manager

      Carlos grew up in La Paz México and has always been passionate about the ocean. His love for being on the water led to his desire to get involved in the yachting industry. While attending High School and then University, he held jobs from commercial diver to complete yacht management. After graduating  from college  Carlos was certified as an international submarine co-pilot and worked for a number of years in this capacity for Atlantis Submarine Company.


Carlos returned to La Paz when he was offered the opportunity to occupy a privileged position in the Mexican federal government, and until recently he worked full time in this position. Knowing that his true passion was in the boating world, Carlos started Cortez Yacht Service. He personally  is  knowledgeable in all areas of yacht management and maintenance , an industry in which he has had more than 20 years of experience .

Claudio Solis
Operations Manager

       Claudio has a strong background in yacht maintenance including professional bottom cleaning, polishing, waxing, painting and varnishing. He enjoys his work and takes pride in doing a thorough and meticulous job. He is well known and respected in the yachting community in La Paz.  

He worked for Water Works Yacht Maintenance in Marina de La Paz for 20 years and is familiar with the businesses and people that support the yachting industry.  Claudio is a well-known diver; an expert free diver specializing in spearfishing.  

He also assists as a personalized guide and makes sure each client has a great day on the water.  


In short, for Claudio, it's not just a matter of getting paid but of doing what you enjoy most while you're at it!  Claudio will be a fine team leader for Cortez Yacht Service.

Honesty, Integrity, Trust.
Changing the vision of yacht management and making the experience truly exceptional
with our concierge style services.
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